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Cosmetic Dentist Enhances North Raleigh Smiles

woman smiling in ambient light Many patients admire Hollywood smiles, but very few of us are born with perfect teeth, even movie stars. Most of those beautiful smiles have been enhanced through cosmetic dentistry. What is it that the Hollywood elite know that you don’t know? Not a thing! A gorgeous smile with straight, sparkling white teeth can boost your confidence and drastically improve your appearance, and with today’s cosmetic dentistry, it’s affordable, too.

If you’ve been waiting to talk to Dr. Philip Lisk about the imperfections in your smile because you don’t want to undergo years of painful and uncomfortable procedures, don’t worry. It’s never too late to have the smile you’ve always wanted. Advancements in dentistry today allow us to make dull teeth whiter, close gaps, smooth chips, even improve the look of crooked teeth—all comfortably and without braces or months of treatment.

Learn more about our most common cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Here in North Raleigh, Dr. Lisk would be happy to replace your traditional amalgam fillings with stronger, more aesthetically pleasing composite restorations. These fillings are shaded and contoured to match your existing smile for a virtually seamless result. Additionally, they actually allow us to preserve more of your natural tooth structure, and because they don’t have any metallic components, they’re not susceptible to discomfort because of temperature changes.

All-Ceramic Tooth Restorations

Older patients are surely familiar with noticeably gold and silver restorations being the norm, but thankfully, this isn’t the case any longer. Today, Dr. Lisk can offer you the perfect blend of cosmetic value and revitalizing health benefits with all-ceramic crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. This biocompatible solution is perfect for patients with allergies/sensitivities to metallic materials, and it’s also more comfortable overall for your mouth.

Health Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

When patients hear the term cosmetic dentistry, they often think of the aesthetic value it provides. Did you know that cosmetic dentistry can help you attain a healthier smile? When your teeth are crowded or oddly spaced, you run the risk of food and bacteria gathering in between. This can promote decay and gum disease compromising your oral health. Cosmetic dentistry can straighten teeth and close spaces making it easier to keep your smile clean. This means better checkups with less dental disease. We think that’s something to smile about!

If you're considering changing your smile for the better, Dr. Lisk offers a complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation. We’ll assess your oral health and determine which cosmetic dentistry services are right for you. You’ll receive a customized treatment plan outlining the procedures we recommend, and Dr. Lisk will work with you to provide guidance and answer all your questions. Contact our North Raleigh dentistry practice today and schedule your complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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