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Dental Savings Plan – North Raleigh, NC

An Alternative Option
for Families and Individuals

Dental insurance makes the cost of oral health care more affordable for many patients. However, in recent years, fewer employers are including this as part of their insurance packages. Additionally, the out of pocket costs and restrictive coverage offered by these traditional insurance plans don’t meet the needs of many patients. Rather than pay a large amount of money for dental insurance you may or may not use, we invite you to consider signing up for the Dental Savings Plan at Dr. Philip A. Lisk Dentistry. For just $350 a year, you’ll save almost $500 a year on all of your necessary, preventive services. Additionally, membership in our Dental Savings Plan qualifies you for a 10% discount on all other dental services, even those not covered by traditional insurance plans.

No Insurance? Our Patients Don't Need It!

Traditional dental insurance coverage can be extremely complicated. To start, you have to consider whether or not to visit an in-network provider. In-network dental offices provide the most coverage, but they have agreed to an average price, basic materials, and treatment methods outlined by the insurance plan rather than the needs of the patient. Out-of-network offices may use better materials and offer a wider variety of treatments, but you’ll need to pay your percentage of treatment costs as well as the difference between the insurance provider’s “average” cost and the price charged by the dentist. Then, there are annual maximums, premiums, copays, deductibles, and all of that for coverage of very specific treatments. Typically, dental insurance covers preventive dental checkups and cleanings at 80 to 100%, but other treatments like fillings will be covered at 50 to 60% of the insurance plan’s average treatment price. Advanced procedures like dental implant-supported tooth replacement or “elective” dental services may not be covered at all. Our in-office Dental Savings Plan takes the guesswork out of insurance coverage. You’ll know exactly what you get, exactly what you’ll save, and you only pay for what you need. If that sounds like the right dental care option for your family, ask about the Dental Savings Plan at your next checkup.

What Treatments are Included

Unlike traditional dental coverage that only includes a very narrow range of preventive and restorative services, all dental treatments are available at a 10% discount under our Dental Savings Plan. Plus, there’s no limit. You can receive elective and cosmetic dentistry services at a discount without worrying about whether or not you’ll exceed a maximum. Our $350 annual plan includes:

  • 2 dental exams
  • 2 professional teeth cleanings
  • 1 emergency visit
  • 1 fluoride treatment
  • Periodic dental X-rays

To make the Dental Savings Plan affordable for the whole family, each adult family member’s plan will cost $350, and kids are just $250 a year.

Benefits of In-Office Dental Savings Plans

We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of our Dental Savings Plan, but some of the reasons patients choose this option are because of the “NOs” we provide. Including:

  • NO Deductible
  • NO Waiting Period
  • NO Preauthorization
  • NO Annual Coverage Maximums
  • NO Waiting for Reimbursements
  • NO Inclusion Limitations on Treatments