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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – North Raleigh, NC

Keeping You Informed
on Dental Services

Dentistry has only gotten more complex and comprehensive over the years, which means it’s not surprising if you have many questions regarding your care and visits. Thankfully, Dr. Lisk and his team members are highly educated on many aspects of dentistry, so you never have to feel left in the dark during your appointments. Feel free to review the most commonly asked questions we receive as well as our detailed responses!

How often should I visit for routine care?

In most cases, patients should be visiting our office once every six months. This is so a detailed exam can be completed as well as cleaning with time permitting. Professional exams and cleanings are essential for maintaining long-term oral health.

Should I choose a dental bridge or dental implants to replace teeth?

If you do not want to pursue oral surgery and don’t mind modifying existing teeth to place a restoration, you’ll find dental bridges to be your best option for replacing single or multiple consecutive missing teeth. However, if you want to retain as much tooth enamel as possible or you need to replace several teeth on opposite sides of the mouth, dental implants may better fit your needs.

My jaw hurts. Is there any way you can help?

Yes! Our office is happy to offer personalized TMJ therapy to address chronic discomfort in the jaw joints. During your appointment, we’ll make sure to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for your jaw, which may include occlusal adjustments/equilibration or occlusal splints.

I feel exhausted every day. Do I have sleep apnea?

While there are many causes for chronic fatigue, if your partner finds you snoring very loudly or you happen to choke and gasp for air while you sleep, there’s a chance that a physical blockage in your mouth is disrupting your sleep. We’ll perform a more detailed examination to confirm your symptoms and create a comprehensive diagnosis.

Will my future dental implant look natural?

When covering your dental implant with a restoration, we make sure to use materials that blend in exactly with your existing teeth. Of course, if you do not have any remaining teeth, you can expect your teeth to look naturally translucent and nearly identical to real enamel.

Can I visit you for emergency dental care?

Our office is always happy to accept patients experiencing dental emergencies. The sooner you call our office following a dental emergency, the more likely we’ll be able to get you seen the same day and out of discomfort.

How can I get more comfortable during my appointment?

While our office prides itself on being able to help patients get comfortable before their care, we also offer nitrous oxide if you suffer from dental anxiety or fear.

Do I need dental insurance to cover basic dental care?

Not necessarily. While we offer coverage for many dental plans, our in-house dental savings plan is a great option for those only focused on preventive maintenance of their smile.