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Emergency Dentist – Raleigh, NC 

Stop Your Dental
Pain Quickly


Ignoring a cracked tooth or a persistent toothache is never a good idea; these problems only grow worse as time goes on, and in the worst-case scenario you could end up losing some of your teeth. We urge you to call our practice as soon as possible once you’ve realized that you’re in the middle of a dental emergency. Dr. Lisk is a highly meticulous emergency dentist in Raleigh who will give your smile the close attention it needs during a worst-case scenario.

Why Choose Dr. Philip A. Lisk for Emergency Dental Care?

  • Works Hard to Get You Seen the Same Day
  • Affordable Financing Options Available
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation In-House

What to Do First in a Dental Emergency

Woman with a dental emergency in Raleigh calling a dentist

  • Always start by getting in touch with our team directly so you can schedule a dental appointment with our office. In most cases, we should be able to get you scheduled for an emergency visit the same day that you call, especially if you are in a lot of dental pain.
  • We’re also happy to provide you with some guidance over the phone to improve your situation and get a better idea of what type of dental emergency you might be experiencing.
  • After you arrive at our North Raleigh office, we’ll be ready to complete digital X-rays of your mouth to confirm the underlying cause of your dental emergency. Depending on the type of issue you’re having, it may not be as easy to tell with the naked eye alone.
  • From there, we’ll develop a treatment plan that eases your discomfort, prevents the issue from coming back, and gets your oral health back to a stable condition. Treatments utilized during dental emergencies typically include dental fillings, root canal therapy, and extractions, but may include other services as well.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

You need to be able to act quickly to regain control of a situation once a dental emergency begins. There are many different kinds of oral health issues you might be suffering from – some are caused by poor hygiene while others are a direct result of physical trauma – so naturally you’ll need to take slightly different steps to protect your teeth and prevent further damage depending on the situation.

Understanding the Cost of Emergency Dentistry

Patient listening to an emergency dentist in Raleigh

When you first call our office for urgent dental care, you might be so distracted by your discomfort that you don’t stop to consider what the cost of emergency dentistry in North Raleigh will be. Suffice to say, it largely depends on what the problem is and what we’ll need to do to stop your pain and repair the damage that has already been done. We’ll do our best to prioritize the most cost-effective solutions, and you can count on us to work with your insurance company or help you explore your financing options to make your care affordable.

No Two Dental Emergencies Cost the Same

emergency dentist in Raleigh showing a patient their dental X-rays

Every dental emergency is different, so the cost of each treatment plan will vary depending on the specific procedures required to get your smile back in good shape. We won’t even be able to give you an accurate cost estimate unless you attend a consultation with an emergency dentist in Raleigh first. After Dr. Lisk examines your mouth, he can recommend a personalized treatment plan. Fillings, dental crowns, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and TMJ therapy are all common methods of restoring your smile.

Rest assured that before we move forward, we’ll take the time to explain all of the costs associated with your plan. That way, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises down the road.  

Save Money by Reducing Your Risk for Dental Emergencies

blue toothpaste spilling out into the shape of a tooth

While you cannot always avoid dental emergencies in North Raleigh, you can lower your likelihood of one occurring by taking the right precautions. Research suggests that every dollar spent on preventive dental care can help you save as much as $50 on emergency and restorative dental treatments later on. By prioritizing daily oral hygiene at home and visiting Dr. Lisk for a checkup twice a year, you can minimize your risk for cavities, gum disease, and other painful oral health problems.

That being said, complications can still develop even with a preventive approach. If you notice any issue with your smile, however small, you’ll want to get it taken care of as soon as you can. As tempting as it might be to wait until you save up more money to seek treatment, your tooth might worsen the longer you wait, necessitating a pricier treatment.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

dental insurance benefits claims form

After you’ve paid your deductible, dental insurance plans typically cover 50% to 80% of the cost of many common emergency treatments, such as root canals or crowns. Additionally, many plans provide coverage for one emergency exam per year as needed.

Our team members understand that insurance can be confusing, which is why we’ll gladly handle the claims process on your behalf. We’re even in-network with several of the nation’s leading dental insurance providers, including BlueCross BlueShield and Delta Dental.

Other Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable

dentist showing a patient information on a tablet

For patients who need assistance funding their care, we offer other options. Our in-house Dental Savings Plan is a great alternative to traditional insurance. For an annual fee of just $350 ($250 for children), you get one free emergency exam a year, free preventive care, and a 10% discount on all other services – all without the red tape of insurance. We can also help you apply for low-interest loans through CareCredit that let you break up your costs into budget-friendly monthly payments.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Woman preventing dental emergencies in Raleigh smiling

It’s true that a dental emergency can still happen despite your best efforts, but you can still take precautions to minimize the risk of damage to your teeth and gums. From taking the time to brush and floss daily to keeping up with your twice-a-year checkups with Dr. Lisk, there are plenty of ways to prevent dental emergencies in Raleigh.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Woman visiting Raleigh emergency dentist for a checkup

The American Dental Association recommends that most people visit their dentist for a checkup and cleaning every six months. These routine preventive appointments go a long way toward avoiding emergency situations. For one, our hygienists can remove plaque that, if allowed to accumulate, could cause painful infections. Plus, Dr. Lisk can identify early warning signs of oral health problems and take care of them before they require more invasive (and expensive) treatment.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Habits at Home

Man flossing to remove plaque from between teeth

Practicing good oral hygiene habits is another great way to avoid the need for a sudden appointment with an emergency dentist in Raleigh. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing removes harmful bacteria that contribute to cavities and gum disease. Additionally, brushing with fluoride toothpaste strengthens your enamel, fortifying them against potential decay and injury. Remember to use a soft-bristled toothbrush, floss daily, and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash to keep your smile clean and healthy.

Be Careful With Your Diet

Woman about to take a bite out of an apple

It’s no secret that sugary foods and drinks increase your risk of tooth decay, but so do starchy snacks like potato chips. Bacteria in your mouth break them down in the same way, producing acidic waste that creates cavities. Swapping these foods and beverages out for healthier alternatives like water, low-fat dairy products, leafy greens, and fresh fruits can safeguard your smile against decay and infections.

Wear a Mouthguard

Person holding a mouthguard

Sports-related oral injuries are a common reason why many people have to visit an emergency dental office in Raleigh. One way to shield your pearly whites against impact is by wearing a mouthguard. You can find these trays for cheap at most sporting goods stores, but Dr. Lisk can craft a mouthguard custom-made to your unique smile. Not only will it fit more comfortably, but it will provide a greater degree of protection.

Similarly, Dr. Lisk can make you a personalized nightguard to cushion your teeth from the dangerous contact of chronic clenching and grinding. 

Use Tools, Not Teeth to Open Packaging

Man opening box and smiling

The only things your teeth were designed to do is help you eat, talk, and smile. They just weren’t made to open a container or package. Attempting to pry open these objects with your teeth could cause them to fracture or even come loose. You might even damage the soft tissues in your mouth. Taking the time to use the right tool for the job could save you time (and money) that you would have otherwise spent on emergency dental care.

Dental Emergency FAQs

Pained man with toothache in Raleigh touches his cheek

If you need to stop your dental pain quickly or repair your damaged teeth, don’t hesitate to call your Raleigh emergency dentist Dr. Lisk. Even if you are unsure if your situation counts as an emergency or you have other questions, we’ll be more than happy to give you all the information you need over the phone. For your convenience, we’ve also gathered some of the most commonly asked questions about dental emergencies below so you can learn more.

Should I Go to the ER or an Emergency Dentist?

Most ERs don’t have the right equipment or staff to truly address dental emergencies. They’ll likely give you pain medication or antibiotics and then instruct you to see your dentist anyways. When you call us first, you will almost always save a tremendous amount of time, money, and hassle. However, should you experience any of the following, you should go directly to your local emergency room instead:

  • Fractured, dislocated, or broken jaw
  • Bleeding that hasn’t stopped in 10 minutes
  • Swelling that’s making it difficult to swallow or breathe

My Chipped Tooth Doesn’t Hurt, Do I Still Have to Come In?

If you’ve damaged your smile in any way, it’s a good idea to come see us as soon as you can. Even if your tooth doesn’t hurt, it’s important to remember that it can’t heal itself like the rest of your body. Leaving it untreated will allow the problem to gradually get worse, costing you more time, money, and discomfort. A quick phone call and exam will let us examine the area and patch up and small issues before they transform into a true dental emergency.

Should I Cancel My Appointment If My Toothache Goes Away?

Just because your toothache has suddenly gone away out of the blue doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Toothaches are most commonly caused by cavities, and an untreated cavity can lead to an infection in the inner layers of the tooth, which is typically quite painful. If the pain suddenly just stops, it’s likely that the problem has gotten worse, not better! You should call us immediately and come see us as soon as you can if your toothache mysteriously goes away.