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4 Tips to Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month

October 28, 2019

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small figurines cleaning teethIn 2009, dental hygienists started National Dental Hygiene Month because they believed that patients should have a time of the year dedicated to tweaking their routine and implementing the most effective and efficient strategies to keep their mouths healthy. Everyone knows that the American Dental Association recommends brushing twice each day and flossing at least once a day to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, there are countless other ways you can keep on top of your oral health. Read on for four tips from your dentist in North Raleigh.

Don’t Forget To Brush Your Tongue

It’s not uncommon for people to breeze through their morning and nightly toothbrushing and forget to clean their tongue. On the surface of it are small sticky bumps called papillae that give it a rough appearance. They catch food debris that mixes with saliva and forms a sticky film that coats your teeth called plaque. Harmful oral bacteria feed off plaque and release Sulphur-smelling waste that makes your breath smell bad. To keep your mouth fresh and reduce the accumulation of plaque and oral bacteria, it’s vital to brush your tongue every morning and night.

Avoid Sugary Drinks and Snacks

Most people don’t know that their diet can heavily impact their oral health. Foods that are packed with sugar and carbohydrates lead to the accumulation of harmful oral bacteria and the development of tooth decay. Bacteria feed on the sugar in plaque and emit an acidic waste that causes enamel erosion. This is the outermost layer of your teeth that protects the more sensitive inner-structure. By maintaining a nutritious diet and remaining conscious about your intake of processed sugary goods, you can limit the accumulation of harmful, oral health-causing substances.

Try Upgrading To a Water Flosser

Many people skip flossing because they either aren’t able to properly maneuver the floss, or they simply find the process too tedious. If this sounds like you, try upgrading to a water flosser. Several clinical studies have been conducted that show that water flossers are 51 percent more effective at reducing gingivitis than dental floss, twice as effective at reducing gingival bleeding than dental floss, and 29 percent more effective at removing plaque. Not only will it be easier, but it’ll also optimize your oral health!

Rinse Daily With Antibacterial Mouth Wash

An overwhelmingly minty-fresh scent isn’t the only plus about rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash every day. They can also prevent oral infections, control plaque buildup, wash away food debris, and even reduce the risk of cavity development.

Although it may seem tedious to keep up with your oral hygiene routine, keep in mind that it’s well worth it. To be able to enjoy your natural smile when you’re older and keep it looking as healthy and happy as ever, be sure to implement these four tips for National Dental Hygiene Month. With an optimized routine, you’ll be able to limit the amount of plaque and harmful bacteria buildup, and even reduce your risk of developing oral health problems.

About the Author

Dr. Philip Lisk is an active member of several professional organizations and takes providing his patients with high-quality preventive care very seriously. He is passionate about giving his patients the tools and dental treatments they need to maintain beautiful and healthy smiles far into the future. That’s also why he offers comprehensive care including services from routine checkups and cleanings to sleep apnea therapy. For questions or to schedule an appointment, visit his website or call 919-870-6892.

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